Just Kitchen is a high-end range of household tupperware and kitchen items that JPL manufactures. The items range from serving trays to tumblers, fruit baskets to plates and closable seal containers. These products are all BPA free.

BPA, also known as Bisphenol A is a carbon based synthetic compound with the chemical formula (CH3)2C(C6H4OH)2 belonging to the group of diphenylmethane derivatives and bisphenols with two hydroxyphenyl groups.
BPA exhibits hormone-like properties that raise concern about its suitability in some consumer products and food containers.

Items include the following:

  • Serving Tray
  • Rice Tray
  • Bowls
  • Soup Plates
  • Dinner Plates
  • Tea and Coffee Mugs
  • Water Jug
  • Fruit Basket
  • Storage or Lunch Boxes (Large to Small)

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